Cosmetic Dermatology: Filler, Laser and IPL, Botox and Dysport, Resurfacing, Tattoo Removal, Pixel8-RF Micro-Needling

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Cosmetic Fillers

At the Boca Institute of Dermatology, we offer a variety of cosmetic fillers formulated to target specific areas such as the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. See our post on Cosmetic Fillers.

  • Restylane, Restylane Lift, and Restylane Silk
  • Juvederm
  • Radiesse
  • Sculptra 

Botox, Xeomin and Dysport

Smooth fine-lines and wrinkles.

Laser & IPL


  • Hair Removal: Diode and IPL options
  • Resurfacing: Erbium Yag Laser
  • Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal of Black and Color Ink

Laser and IPL Treatments: Hair Removal; Acne, Cysts, Inflamation, Keloids, and Hidradenitis Supportiva; SR: Brown Pigmentation; Erbium Yag Laser Resurfacing and Re-texturing, Reduction of Fine-Lines, and Pigmentation; Ablative Laser; Neodymium Yag Laser- reduce vascular lesions including Blood Vessels, Angiomas, and Telangiectasia Mats on the face and nose.  See our blog post on IPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal treatments.

PinXel8-RF Radio Frequency (RF) Micro-needling

Pixel8-RF Micro-Needling tightens, firms, and smoothes the skin- boosting collagen and elastin: see our post on Pixel8-RF Micro-Needling.

Blue Light Therapy

Acid and Chemical Peels

Dermatology Acid Peels, glycolic, salicylic acid

Acid and Chemical Peels help even skin-tone, exfoliate dead skin while revealing a smooth new layer of clear skin.  There are different strengths and types of peels, and each has different benefits: from treating acne to anti-aging, evening skin-tone to reducing texture. See our post on Acid Peels.

  • Salicylic
  • Glycolic 
  • TCA

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