Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal

q-switch Laser Tattoo Removal in boca raton fl.

With Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal, there’s no need to cover up or regret unwanted tattoos or permanent makeup: we can remove black and colored ink tattoos with as little discomfort and as quickly as is possible using the “dual wavelengths (1064nm/532nm)” (RohrAesthetics.com).

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We had a patient come in with a Permanent Makeup Mishap: they gave her an Extra Pair of Eyebrows!

After having an extra set of brows unintentionally tattooed on, she’d been forced to continually shave the tails of her real eyebrows before eventually giving in to filling all four of them in with brow pencils or trying to cover them as best she could with makeup. After living with them for two years, she decided to look into Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal to Reverse or Remove Permanent Makeup. Dr. Gary Lee Waterman did a few test spots during the consultation so that she would be able to see how her results would look at different settings for the first treatment.

Watch The Process: The Q-Swtich Laser Tatoo Removal for Permanent Makeup Tattoos and Microblading.

She did end up coming back in to have the permanent makeup tattoos removed, and the results of her very first treatment were amazing! In one treatment the tattoo appeared at least 50% lighter, going from blue black to a light cocoa brown. When she came in for her second treatment, her makeup was already able to cover the tattoos. She said she felt it had already improved greatly and with very little discomfort. This patient’s confidence and life was greatly improved with just two treatments- no longer will she need to shave or fill in her brows.

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